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Seller Financing sells properties fast

  Attention property owners and investors/rehabbers selling real estate nationwide, through seller financing and by purchasing the mortgage notes using simultaneous closing.

  It is very well known that
Seller Financing 
sells properties fast, especially in cases where properties or prospective Buyers do not conform to traditional  lending/mortgage requirements.

The Seller offers to hold the mortgage note seller financing mortgage and receive the monthly payments from the Buyer as a bank would

   The problem with this approach has been that Sellers sometimes don't want to collect small monthly payments, but instead want to cash out at closing to buy another property, to cover closing costs or for many other reasons.

  The benefits of seller financing are many, but sometimes these are not enough to help close a deal


The solution to this dilemma is right here. 
We can do a Simultaneous Purchase!

Basically idea with terms and conditions, this is how a Simultaneous Purchase of a real estate note works:

  1. The Seller sets the sale price to exactly the appraised value and advertises
    "Owner  Will Finance...No Bank Qualifying!"

  2. Interested Buyers go through a pre-qualification process to determine the best prospect

  3. The Seller and Buyer agree on the structure and terms of the note to be created (we can  provide some guidelines) and sign a Real Estate Purchase Contract

  4.  The Seller creates a 1st mortgage and sells/assigns the mortgage note to us.

  5. The Seller receives the Buyer's down payment plus the proceeds from the sale of the note we pay top dollars for 1st mortgages).
    In a Simultaneous Purchase (or Closing deal) the Seller normally covers closing costs from his


Example :

 Let’s say the Seller owns a property that has been appraised at $100,000, but because it’s not a conforming lot, he is having problems getting qualified buyers.
Buyers don’t seem to commit to the purchase and the ones that do, don’t get their mortgage approved by the Bank..

The Seller has the house advertised at $90,000, expecting to get $80,000-$85,000 after incentives and costs have been paid out. But not even this price is attracting real buyers.

This is where we step in.

We would advise the seller to create a $90,000 note, the rest ($10,000) would be the down payment.

The interest may be 8%, term 360 months , paying $660.39 mnthly (Principal + Interest).

We would buy this note for approximately $81,000 cash on closing day or shortly thereafter.

Add the down payment and the seller gets $91,000, minus closing costs.

This deal attracts a good number of buyers and in a few days, the Seller makes up his mind and accepts one of the offers.

On 160 to 250 closing day thereafter, we make the purchase and the Seller gets his money.

   A perfect example of how Simultaneous Closing of a Seller Financed mortgage makes a real estate sale possible.

There are no hidden fees or costs other than the regular real estate closing costs that have to be paid anyway.


   If you are considering seller financing in order to sell your property, we could provide you with a Free, no obligation quote. 
We purchase mortgage notes.


   We take pride in providing our clients with the highest possible price for their notes, as well as quick, professional, and personal service.


This is a worthy approach if the seller is truly motivated to move that property.  The seller must be motivated enough in order to move the property or everyone involved is just spinning their wheels. 

Without serious seller motivation to move a property, there will be no deal.



WE package the entire transaction.
However, in the event you wish to package the transaction yourself for sale, here are the basics of what you will ultimately need to provide to us.

  - Name, address, telephone number of Title Company that will be handling the Title on the file.
  - Name, address, telephone number of Attorney or Escrow company that will be handling the sale transaction.
  - Name, address, telephone number of Real Estate Agent/Broker who is representing buyer and seller.
  - Copy of the Sale Escrow Instructions and Sale Purchase Deposit.
  - Copy of Receipt for funds deposited into escrow/title.
  - Loan Application/Credit Application completed by buyer(s).
  - Name, address, telephone number and Social Security number of seller(s).
  - Name, address, telephone number and Social Security number of buyer(s).
  - Copy (draft) of  proposed note and Deed of Trust/Mortgage.
  - Copy of Commitment for Title/Preliminary Title Report.
  - Copy of estimated closing Settlement statement.
  - Full Appraisal. 

   (We recommend that, based upon the deal structure between the parties, if you have any doubt about the value of the property, you collect a deposit from the seller, who is the party with whom you will be entering into contract, to cover the actual cost of the appraisal. 

   In the event the appraisal comes in at or above the sales price, you can agree to reimburse the seller the appraisal deposit at the close of the transaction. 
   You would spell all this out in your contract.  
 In the event the seller balks at putting up an appraisal deposit, you have to decide if you wish to take the risk of the appraisal expense.
 (If there is no down payment and poor credit, please think a lot.)
   - If the buyer is a Corporation, you must provide copies of the last two years of tax returns and a Corporate Resolution. If the seller is a Corporation, we will need a Corporate Resolution.

  Putting a Simultaneous Close together takes a lot of cooperation from both the buyer and seller and flexibility and realistic strategizing by the note broker. 
Success with these is based upon common sense.

If you are considering seller financing in order to sell your property,
we could provide you with a
Free, no obligation quote.

   One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is about structuring and processing a Close, Where money to purchase a to-be-created note is brought to the table at the close of escrow on the original sale of the property.

   The process is not actually "simultaneous" since the Assignment of the note occurs after the documents in the buy-sell are themselves recorded. 
    It really is "Months Right After" Close. 
However, it's close enough in application, if not in definition, for us to call it "simultaneous" as long as we understand the important distinction for legal reasons. 
This process is also referred to as "Table Funding."

  It is reasonable to assume that, if a buyer could qualify for a new mortgage in a timely fashion, the seller would obviously be better off receiving full payment of the sales price of the property rather than carrying back a note he is now going to have to discount. 

    "If he could, he would."  Therefore, it is understandable that we make certain assumptions merely on the basis of his willingness to consider this type of financing.

   Conversely, on rare occasions we have seen scenarios where credit and down payment were just fine and the seller is still willing to discount the note, i.e. the sale price. This may be because the process can go much more quickly.

If you are considering seller financing in order to sell your property, we could provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

  Because so much time and effort goes into simultaneous deal structuring can materializes into revenue, the goal is for all of us to take the blinders off and work smart.
        First, an agreement must be reached on basic terms between the buyer (prospective payor) and the seller of the property whereby the   seller is agreeing to create and carry a seller-held note with the intention of selling all or a portion of the note.


       Would like to put together a mortgage Note to sale a property?

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We purchase mortgage notes.

Sells Future Payment for Cash Today. 
This allows you (the Seller) to Access to the Cash You Need
without having to secure bank financing.
As Cash Flow Specialist, We have Access to Cash.

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Reasons for a seller to carry paper he/she is willing to discount include:
    The property has been on the market a long time and this method will open the door to more potential buyers, the seller is moving out of town and needs to take the first offer (which may be one for little or no cash with poor payor credit), the
buyers are long-term tenants of the seller . 

For a variety of reasons, note holders agreed to relinquish their notes along with the steady, long-term income they were deriving from them. In return, they received an immediate, lump-sum payment in cash. Some note holders needed the money for unexpected expenses or to pay down their debt, and some found that the monthly payments were too small to put to any real use. Others wanted to rid themselves of the monthly management hassles and paperwork requirements of carrying a loan; still others wanted to invest in more lucrative opportunities. A few simply wanted to splurge. And some recognized that they wouldn’t live long enough to collect all the payments— and weren’t interested in bequeathing the note to their heirs. These reasons account for most of the individual note sales to this day.